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Our Projects

Different challenges, but always the same goal. Regardless of the problem facing our clients, they can be sure we always deliver cost effective, reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions. Some of our more recent accomplishments are shown here.

KPJV Trenchless Pipe Crossing


Due to the presence of high pressure gas lines, a busy highway, and high voltage overhead lines, traditional open trench construction methods were not possible. Using the most current and reliable methods AGI-CDCS came up with a fit to purpose engineering solution, utilizing an engineered cradle for a hydraulic piling hammer. Using this method, ground disturbance was minimized, and the need for costly traffic diversions and gas line shut downs were avoided.

Construction of Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities


Work was previously started by another contractor in the Kashagan Utilities Area but was suspended due to the poor quality of workmanship. We were hired to remedy the situation, which involved demolishing incorrectly installed concrete works and repairing/continuing where possible. These 2 separate onshore buildings required extensive civil works including, paving, drainage, utility installation, concrete pile/foundation/tank installations which took over 2 years of construction to complete.

Crude Export Project


Due to increased oil export requirements from the Second Generation Project (SGP), Chevron enlisted our support with their Crude Export Project (CEP) which involved an expansion of the existing facility.

The Tengiz Oil Field and processing plant is located in the Atyrau Oblast, in Western Kazakhstan, and is operated by Tengizchevroil. The objective of the CEP was to provide a reliable contingency plan for the export of Tengiz crude oil after the start-up of SGP.

Tengiz Infrastructure Project


Ongoing rail car access issues within the plant area required expansion of the railway to expedite loading and unloading processes. Multiple spurs were required in the west area of the plant, along with associated support roads. We were awarded the work to reclaim previously abandoned project areas to allow for new construction and build approximately five kilometers of railway and support roads which included a large amount of fill for the low-lying shore areas.

Loading pads, access and maintenance roads, drainage, and utility lines, as well as a rail bed to rail construction was completed in the brownfield area next to the sulfur pads.

FGP – Conductor Drives


In order to support TCO’s drilling program we have been responsible for the installation of over 100 conductor pipes throughout the Tengiz Field.

TCO Warehouse


In 2018, AGI strengthened its position as the leading provider of heavy-haul transportation services in Western Kazakhstan by securing a long-term contract with TCO.

Under this contract AGI provides transportation and logistical support to TCO Warehouse operations utilizing a suite of specialized equipment and hands-on management techniques.

AGI increased its fleet of equipment by 15% and proudly added over 100 skilled Kazakhstan employees to our team to meet the growing needs of TCO.